Welcome to the ProRealTime Trading contest! Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. In order to ask your own question, please join our dedicated LinkedIn Group.

Contest rules :

#1 How to access ProRealTime platform?

1 – Log into ProRealTime.com with your credentials (sent by email).

2 – Launch your ProRealTime platform on your computer

#2 I have not received my credentials, what can I do ?

1 – Check your SPAMs.

2 – Ask a new password using the email address used for your registration to the contest.

#3 How to access to the ranking ?

Connect to: https://secure.prorealtime.com/concours/ranking.phtml

ID : edheccup2019

Password : py5DT5uQ6CYLDmEq

#4 My portfolio return is not matching with the return displayed on the ranking page, why?

1 – Returns are updated every hour.

2 – Only closed positions are taken into account.

#5 What can I trade ?

The CAC40Future (FCEXXXX) is the only asset allowed for this contest. Type FCEXXXX in the search bar to access to the chart and place your orders.

#6 Is short selling allowed?

Yes, you can bet on downsides.

#7 Is leveraged trading allowed ?

Yes it is.

#8 How much money do I start with?

You start with a virtual portfolio of 10,000€.

#9 What are the key dates of this Trading contest?

The Trading contest will start the 8th of February and will finish the 27th of February. All your positions have to be closed before the end of the contest.

For any further questions, please join our dedicated LinkedIn groupe.